by andre briggs

What Is False Must Seem True

I started blogging at the end of the 2003 timeframe. At the time the purpose was just to fraternize with my other computer science mates. At the time blogging was still novel, however my blog had no real focus. It was truly a log of my adventures and state of mind as an undergrad. Soon after I graduated and started working full-time I felt I must be much more prudent in how I shape my thoughts. It’s taken years for me to convince myself it would be beneficial to publish my thoughts again. This is all for the sake of vanity of course.

The title of this blog is an abridgment of the quote: “For the sake of vanity, what Is true must seem false and what is false must seem true.” I believe this quote explains much of the behavior we see in the democratized Internet age. From shameless self promotion to ad-ridden click bait web pages. In an era where taking action by non-force is valued, one aims to preserve their ego as opposed to their own skin. Exploring these thoughts interests me.

I welcome you all to the new journey.