by andre briggs

On Tipping

The internet is rich with baseness and brutal honesty. From Reddit user Springs1:

THE SERVICE* is NOT more than a fast food cashier does. If you can truly name something that is MORE WORK, then I will change, but I bet you can’t, can you? I am not talking about if they bring it to your car, I am ONLY talking about when people pick up their food inside. Taking an order over the phone is 100% the same thing as in person, no more work involved.

I am waiting for your response to tell me what MORE WORK do you do more than a fast food cashier does? I would like to know your answer, because I cannot think of ONE THING that take-out servers do more, can you?

You are very selfish and self-centered to worry about just your money only.

Additional food for thought on the takeout tipping debate makes me view this as a class issue. Some services workers feel entitled to compensation. Some customers engage in enough libertinism to not give compensation. Service workers fail to look at the industry that they work in as not being in their financial interests.