by andre briggs

When to Leave

One of my mentors always told me

“You should leave when you feel you’re not learning from those around you”.

I’ve always taken that advice to heart and extended it to my personal life.

Recently I was in Miami, Florida for the first time of my life. As usual my intuition tends to see the grass as greener whenever I visit a new place. The next few weeks are filled with thoughts of “what if?”.

There’s almost a magnetic attraction to the new and unexplored. The pressure to do these things before I’m 30 or before there is no responsibility is constantly looming. I remain conservative while knowing that I’ve been fortunate and have never forgotten how my life could have been.

Recently at lunch with some friends I made the statement that exploring is an innate aspect of humans. To clear the fog around them discover new things. This is why people risked their lives to get on a vessel with no guarantees to succeed. This is why people would risk their lives to go to a distant area like the Moon. In fact I would say the idea of multiplying and expansion is also the behavior of the of the universe as we understand it.

So when is the right time to make changes? To jettison your environment and build a new life? When I went to undergrad I naturally took on a new persona. I was completely different from high school and no one knew. Since then I’ve been raring the chance to do this in frequent intervals. Of course your close friends know you as the same, but you get the opportunity to frame your persona for any new person you meet. This is just so powerful.

I would say the right time is still when you are not learning from your environment. You should be a sponge; collecting what ever information you can at all times. Constantly learning new things.