by andre briggs

Connect Me With Content I Like

I spend a lot of time listening to music in my idle time. I still cling on the idea of manually managing my music and all of it’s metadata. This is probably even more important in the age of cloud music storage such at iTunes Match and Amazon Cloud Player.

The idea of letting someone else pick my music for me (e.g. Pandora & Spotify playlists) irks me. I don’t want my intimate music choices shared on the social graph. There is no point to letting others know that I played Clan In Da Front ten times in a row.

On the other hand it does sound great to have a service suggest that a friend and I should see a mutually liked artist who is performing local to us. That should be available to me while I get to own my music without being subjected to advertisements that consume CPU cycles and battery life on my mobile device. This is what we should be leveraging the buzz word “Big Data” for. To do real world things.